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© Les Promenades Guidées - Provence

historical walks

Discover cities and villages in their context by a « Promenade » with your guide-lecturer.

Surrounded by the most scenic historical landscapes, some private houses and castles will open their gates and gardens just for you. Some of our mediterranean Memories, naval and rural History will accompany your walk and visit.

© Les Promenades Guidées - Provence
© Les Promenades Guidées - Provence
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marseille / la ciotat

From photography to cinema

From Marseille historical center to La Ciotat old harbor, enter a dialogue about the arrival of modernity in Provence.

Important pictures of the history of photography and our very first movies have been fabricated by Nadar in Marseille and les frères Lumière at their familly private house in La Ciotat. 

By train and paths, follow the history of arts and industry in coastal Provence. In between two cities, it is a major evocation of art and society from the 19th century...

Duration : 2 hours cities walk and around 1 hour by train between the 2 cities

Meeting place : Marseille Canebière

Difficulty : Easy

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© Les Promenades Guidées - Provence
© Les Promenades Guidées - Provence

Toulon / saint-mandrier-sur-mer

1793 Toulon's Bay Heights

From the gardens of Saint-Mandrier meet the great events of the Mediterranean sea conflicts. In 1793 Bonaparte counterattacks for the defense of Toulon's bay.

In 1829, quarantine is imposed onto Champollion returning from Egypt.

Our historian will tell you about important or simple soldiers; our Walk will lead you towards the history of 1914-1918 and 1942-1944 conflicts,  ending with the D Day Provence and Liberation of Toulon in August 44.

Duration : 3 hours walk and visit

Meeting place : Saint-Mandrier village

Difficulty : Moderate to challenging (a few stairs up the Cap Cepet hill)

© Les Promenades Guidées - Provence
© Les Promenades Guidées - Provence
Carre Ollioules jardins.jpg


Ollioules by the Paths and Castles

From the heights of Ollioules, a panoramic evocation of one of the great mediterranean sea historical events. The walk leads you throught the gardens of a 1620 castle, an aristocratic "Bastide". In 1793 Bonaparte's counterattack for the defense of Toulon’s Bay took place from the domain.

By the visit of a private mansion (an 18th century Bastide called Brignac), you can imagine you are in 1829 and watch the vessels of the campaign in Egypt in the Port of Toulon.

The Bastide has got beautiful gardens where you might as an option, take a drink, and some naval graffitis enlarging the view towards the open sea.

Duration : 3 hours countryside walk and visit

Meeting place : Ollioules, Parking Orlandi (along National Road n°8)

Difficulty : Moderate to challenging (walking up a hill)

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