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In August 1944, Allied forces go through the military operation « Dragoon », a second landing for the liberation of Europe. The Seventh U.S. Army together with the French Armée B invade the South-East of France and take the oil port in Marseille. 

In the specific context of Provence during WWII, your Tour brings you on each site to be discovered, along the beaches, on the coast, or inland, with some customized visits of Memorials and Museums.


                       Half or full-day customized Tours with an experimented historian labelled guide-lecturer
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© Les Promenades Guidées - Provence

   Copyright : Photo 12 - Paris

east riviera d-day tour                    

Beetween Cannes, Dramont-Agay and Saint-Tropez, customized Tours...

Discover the D-Day operation through the Landing spots of August the 15th all along a spectacular coastal road Tour. Share local histories with your private Tour guide.

Duration : Full-day Tour (6 or 8 hours)

Difficulty : Easy, with a car, a van or by coach

© Les Promenades Guidées - Provence

landing beaches and US Cemetery

Coastal and inland "Dragoon" combined operations... 

From the coast or from the inland, follow the historical progression of the Allied troops : planning and preparation, Air Forces drops, Special Forces from the U.S.A and worldwide Forces from the french free Colonies. Tiny Memorials and the Cemeteries reminds us about the memories of some soldiers personal history...

Duration : Full-day Tour (6 or 8 hours)

Difficulty : Easy, with a car, a van, or by coach

© Les Promenades Guidées - Provence

  Copyright : Photo 12 - Paris

west harbors during wwii and liberation

Toulon and Marseille as strongholds...two cities, one Tour

The Mont Faron Museum and Memorial at Toulon's bay heights bring us inside of History, strategy and Resistance. It's a spectacular spot for a panoramic discovery of the 1942 to 1944 naval and urban fightings. In the heart of the German Südwall fortification, Marseille's special role as an emigration and then oil and transit port speaks about people's life while occupied and then liberated.

Duration : Full-day Tour (6 or 8 hours)

Difficulty : Easy, with a car or a van

Copyright :A.B.M.C - Rhin-Rhone Cemetery

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